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Welcome to oneDaddy.Online

This will be a website for reflections, bold ideas, and thoughts about the future from an ordinary person’s perspective. Here you can find intriguing topics that will make you contemplate certain questions or simply see things from a different point of view.

My Goals and mission

A lot of what happens around us is something that can be predicted or has already happened to someone else. Through my stories on the blog, I will give you a different perspective to look at things from another angle. You should know, dear reader, that nothing in this life is right or wrong, and whether something is good or not so good depends entirely on our perceptions of the surrounding world. Immerse yourself in my stories and rediscover a piece of them in real life. Be aware that everything you read on the internet may always be written by someone like you, or the given person may not have the necessary qualifications for you to trust them completely. Subject all important decision-making information to two-factor verification through the internet and professionals in the respective field. OneDaddy wishes you pleasant reading!

Latest Blog Posts

My first blog post will of course be dedicated to fatherhood. Being a father at first doesn't seem too scary. However, the truth is much longer.To be a father. Each of us conjures different images when we hear this word. Some associate it with childhood anecdotes,...

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