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Becoming a Somebody : The Biography of Ignat Kaneff

“Life in Ascendancy” is how the book is translated into Bulgarian. It’s a precious book for me, one I read in one sitting about 3-4 years ago. I want to start with it because I believe there’s a lesson to be learned. If anyone Googles or uses Bing to search the name, they’ll find countless articles and interviews with Mr. Kanev, but for me, the book itself is something truly special. It offers a glimpse into a person’s early life and how, despite difficulties, they manage to maintain their spirit and dedicate a tremendous amount of effort toward achieving short-term and eventually enormous goals.

One vivid memory from the book, or perhaps from an interview—I can’t recall exactly—is the image of a modest and hardworking individual who always comes to mind when I hear the name Ignat Kanev. I think that his biography, or rather the value system of such people, should be studied even by very young children. It teaches the importance of putting effort and thought into even the daily and mundane tasks related to work or household chores.

As I write this review, I see that the book is also available for e-readers; I own a copy in Bulgarian that took me quite some time to acquire from a site similar to eBay. Generally, after reading books, I donate them to the local library, but I’ve kept this one and a few others for my personal collection at home. For now.

I know that most people enjoy reading about successful entrepreneurs who accumulate enormous wealth through grand gestures or a single stroke of luck, but this book describes the preparation and awareness required to become an entrepreneur even before achieving great success. It illustrates how caring for your customers and community pays off many times over in the long run. You just need patience and dedication to what you do.

I always recall a few phrases from the book: when times are tough and you’re physically exhausted, look forward—not just for a short time, but five or ten years ahead—and see how today’s efforts will pay off in the future. I think words are inadequate for describing this person and his entire contribution, but for those interested, I highly recommend reading the book!

Thank you!